From 0-10.000€ in 6 months Growing Microgreens

From 0-10.000€ in 6 months Growing Microgreens

imagine having someone help guide you to the point of success. Getting help from someone who already is succeeding is one of the best possible foundations for creating your own profitable business. 

You will gain the knowledge: How to grow and become a profitable microgreens farmer. You will learn the important secrets that we found from 5 years of trial and error, skipping the hard lessons and learning from our experience with 15+ hours of video material. With a Yearly revenue above 1 million € we know how to give you the best tools from our success and be there to hold you accountable to your goals. We had a mentee go through our program and create a revenue of 10.000€ in just 3 months! 


  • Mastering our model growing and selling Microgreens while creating a profitable company 

  • Mastering how to scale the most efficient way from our experience. 

  • Access to a community of likeminded individuals who is sharing your journey

  • 2 Monthly online zoom calls where we help you with your challenges

  • 6 months Full support with direct communication to fully understand the system + access to secret trainings and updates from our own operations

  • accountability program to set and keep goals together. Our goal is that with our help you will create a revenue of 10.000€ in 6 months during this program 


Watch this videos if you are interested in learning more about our system:

Set up a zoom call with us by clicking this link:

We would like to try to understand your current situation so we can see if we can help you succeed with your goals. 

Disclaimer: This is knowledge that we spend many years accumulating, we found great success in implementing these strategies in our own markets. We are therefore now comfortable with the system and can teach how it works, which actions to focus on and how to scale up your farm to become profitable. These actions work for us and we believe they will work for you too with great success provided that you follow the steps in the exact same way that we describe them to you. Nothing will work if you do not do the work, therefore you are responsible for your own success in this mentorship challenge. We will be there to guide and assist you for 6 months by the best of our abilities so you will understand how to build your own company.

Because of our existing partnerships we do not sell the program in the following countries: Denmark, Norway, Austria, Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Poland.  

If you insist that you are interested in a partnership in one of these countries then you are welcome to get in contact with us. 

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