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This helps plants overcome stress caused by extreme cold, extreme heat, low light levels, dehydration or drafts.

This gives the plants a nitrogen boost that produces shiny, dark green leaves, especially in the initial growth stage.
This greatly increases the plant's photosynthetic capacity.

The biostimulant stimulates productivity, plant growth and absorption of minerals.

Instructions for use:
Dissolve 5 ml of BoomBoomSpray in 1 liter of water.
For indoor use: Spray the plants until they are dripping wet with a solution of 5 ml. per liters of water. Preferably do it right after the lights are on.
For outdoor use: Spray the plants early in the morning.

Mother plants. Spray the plants 2 days before making cuttings.
Cuttings. Spray the cuttings two days after they are rooted.
Change of pans. Spray the plants immediately after they have been transplanted.
Production plant. Spray the plants once during the growing period. Once a week, 1 with flowering and 2 with flowering.
Stressed plants. Spray plants once and, if necessary, repeat once more after 5 days.

BoomBoom Spray is absorbed very quickly by the leaves. It starts to take effect after only two hours.
Can be used with all brands and fertilizer programs: biological, bio-mineral or chemical. For soil, coco and hydroponics.
Prepared solution must be used within 6 hours


100% VEGAN
100% organic plant bio-stimulant
100% natural amino acids, peptides, carbohydrates and minerals

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