BioTabs – Silicium Flash

BioTabs – Silicium Flash

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Replaces liquid growth and blooming nutrients
Contains: Silicon, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium

Control Union-certified 100% organic ingredients.


The advantages of Silicon Flash are the plants are available immediately – resulting in lush, green, healthy plants right from the start. The remaining nutrients are slowly released over a period of two months.

Silicon Flash only needs to be added when preparing the growing medium or to treat nutrient deficiencies.

Silicon increases the plant's resistance to heat, drought, pests and pathogens. It increases the absorption of nutrients producing stronger plants with higher yields.

Mix 50g (80 ml) per 10 liters of organic growing medium, such as potting soil or coco.

Silicon Flash can be used to treat nutritional deficiencies as needed.
Make a small hole near the stem.
Sprinkle 25 g Silicon Flash into the hole and cover with soil.
Water with a solution of 2 g Bactrex per Liters of water.

For mother plants

Mix 100g (160 ml) per Plant in the growing medium.
Repeat every two months for strong hardy plants.
Topdress or make a few holes around the stem.

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