Carrot Microgreens

Carrot Microgreens

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Latin name: Daucus carota subsp. sativus

Micro Greens Pro Tip:

Start by filling 2-3 cups of cocos, or other growing medium in your growing tray, make sure your medium is not too moist. Then spread your seeds out in an even layer and cover your growing medium, here it's ok the seeds lie on top of each other. Then cover your tray and lift every 2 days to oxygenate the seeds. After 5-8 days, the germ will have taken hold and you can now place it on the windowsill. Make sure not to over- or under-water, and after 15-20 days, your fresh carrot microgreens can be enjoyed!

What about food?:

Carrot has a delicious, fresh and sweet taste and compliments both salad but also dishes with root vegetables and the slightly more hardy fish.

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