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Due to the handy size of the Danish cart, there is quickly a place where the Grow system can be placed. Moving is also simple, just pull out the plug and roll.

As far as the LED lighting is concerned, this Horti-Grow is also equipped with the RBW spectrum:

The sunlight of a beautiful spring day, our RBW spectrum, contains the full spectrum of colors necessary for the growth and development of plants. This is also called the full or white light spectrum. It consists of all the colors of the rainbow.

The advantage of this spectrum for plants is that it provides the right amount of energy needed for photosynthesis and growth. In addition, the light is colorfast, meaning it shows the true colors of the plants, which is important for assessing the health and stages of the plants.

Another advantage is that the white light spectrum does not damage the human eye, unlike ultraviolet light or infrared light, for example. This makes it safe for users and not a nuisance for anyone in the (immediate) area.

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