Leek Microgreens

Leek Microgreens

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Our seeds are from an organically certified source, bacteria-tested and comply with Danish and European food legislation within sprouted seeds.

Leek is believed to date back 4000 years, leek is a vegetable and comes from the onion plant family. Leeks are widespread in North Africa, the Middle East, Europe and typically Northern Europe. Leek is also known back from Egypt, where it was a large part of the diet of the workers who built the pyramids.

Leek contains folic acid, vitamin K and C and contains large amounts of potassium, calcium, magnesium and manganese. It is, among other things, the antioxidant allicin, which creates the sharp smell and taste of leeks.



Latin name: Allium porrum

Micro Greens Pro Tip:

Grow leeks as microgreens!

Fill your tray with 3-4 cups of growing medium, sprinkle a light layer of water over your medium (be careful with overwatering). Put your leek seeds in water overnight and spread an even layer over your growing medium (preferably cover so that your growing medium can no longer be seen, but include the clumps together).

Give your tray a lid and lift once every 2 days to add new oxygen. Wait until the germ has taken hold of your growing medium, lift the lid and place on the windowsill. Note that it is difficult to overwater your leek microgreen if it is in cocos as a growing medium.

growing time typically 15-20 days, harvest your leek microgreens up to 3-4 times!

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